Manual Steel Coil Uncoiler
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Manual Steel Coil Uncoiler


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Condition: New

Type: Uncoiler

Use: Sheet

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Jieda

Voltage: 380V/Customize

Power(W): .0kw

Dimension(L*W*H): 860*900*1060mm

Weight: 320kg

Certification: CE and ISO

Warranty: 1 Year

After-sales Service Provided: Field installation, commissioning and training


Material width: 50-200mm

Material thickness: 0-3.0mm

Color: Customize

Coil.I.D: 450-530mm

Coil.O.D: 1200mm

Coil weight: 500kg

Max speed: 0-16m/min

Motor: Manual

Material: Coil material

Market: Global

Supply Ability: 1 Set/Sets per Month

Packaging: wooden box

Port: Shenzhen/guangzhou port

Product Application:

The heavy uncoiler machine consist of the fuselage, the main shaft, the support tile, the induction control lever, the a type iron and the electric control box.

1. The bottom of the fuselage is provided with a bottom plate, and a support frame is fixed at the bottom of plate, and the support frame is provided with two sets of national standard H shaped steel

2. There is an electric control box installed on the side of the fuselage, and a motor is installed inside. the electric control box is convenient for control the device, and a rubber cushion is arranged under the motor

3. The output end of the motor is equipped with a reducer, and the output end of the reducer is mounted with a spindle extending to the outside of the fuselage

4. The spindle is mounted on the end of the main body near the fuselage, and end of the main shaft away from the back wheel is mounted with a crank handle through the main shaft sleeve. the heavy uncoiler machine back wheel avoids material deviation, and the hand crank is installed away from the end of the main shaft. with non-slip handles

5. The four sides of the main shaft are evenly mounted with four sets of support links. the support link is equipped with a heavy material support tile. The support link can adjust the diameter of the material. The outer surface of the heavy material support tile is coated with a wear resistant, non slip coating, heavy duty material tray that can carry heavy coil material

6. The outer side wall of the bottom of the fuselage is equipped with an induction lever through the edge plate.

MT Coil Uncoiler Machine Specification
Model MT-200 MT-300 MT-400 MT-500
Material width(mm) 200 300 400 500
Material thickness(mm) 0-3.0 0-3.0 0-3.0 0-3.0
Power AC380v
Coil.I.D(mm) 450-530 450-530 450-530 450-530
Coil.O.D(mm) 1200 1200 1200 1200
Machine weight(kg) 320 370 420 450

Installation step:
  1. First use forklift move the heavy duty uncoiler machine to the approximate position to be installed, and then remove the attached packing mat (wooden box)
  2. It's easy to install the heavy duty uncoiler machine, as long as the heavy duty uncoiler machine is placed on the foundation and the underground bolts are locked (as shown in the figure), or you can use a manual forklift to move.
  3. When installing heavy duty uncoiler machine, it is important to note that the centerline of the heavy duty uncoiler machine ( the center of the length of the loaded coil) must be on the same centerline as the straightener or feeder machine (or shearing machine).
  4. After installing the heavy duty uncoiler machine, please cleaning the anti rust oil from the machine and re-lubricate the oil.

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